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Teamich is an independent software development team founded in 2011 to build high quality games for iOS. Our goal is to develop casual applications for popular mobile devices by Apple. Thanks everyone for playing our iPhone/iPad games. If you would like to get in touch, we would like to hear from you!
Atomix for iphone

In fact, our application is a remake of the beloved game Atomix, has received considerable notoriety in the 90's.This "old lady" has won in his time, millions of fans around the world, it is incredibly exciting and fun, just because we designed it for your i Phone and iPod touch-version, also in the very near future and will play for the iPad.

The game objective is consistent with its name - you need to assemble molecules of different substances made of atoms that are scattered around the game field. You might need a model is presented in a window on the left. If the task seemed too simple to you, I advise you not to jump to conclusions, because the game there are many levels on which have pretty sweat. Firstly, the atoms move in the game is strictly a straight up until not face obstacles that can be wall or another atom. Secondly, some areas of the playing fields allow atoms to move only in one direction, and thirdly, we must also stay within the allotted time, so be assured you will not be bored!

    In Atomania awaits you:
  • * 25 unique levels of addictive game
  • * Unusual Graphics
  • * Connecting to OpenFeint
  • * Original soundtrack
  • * Old school mood

We have tried to most accurately convey the spirit of the game Atomix, that all her lovers, playing on his Atomania i Interests, felt "like home". I hope you will appreciate our efforts.

If you want to feel like Einstein, gathering around us matter made of atoms, you are welcome to Atomania! We wish you successfully solve all the puzzles and win!